Visseuse automatique portative

Automatic portable screwing machine

TECNIMODERN AUTOMATION’s automatic portable screwing machines with built-in AI type feed are a new addition to our products, and are amazingly easy to use.

These machines, like all of TECNIMODERN AUTOMATION’s other screwing machines are fitted with motors with air supply shut off and the very gentle and regular feeding system means the operator avoids having to exert the extra pressure required by a classic screwing machine; screwing can be carried out without bearing points.

You simply use the trigger on the screwing machine to start the automatic feed. A claw or ball chuck holds the screw as it advances up to the screwing point where the rotation of the blade starts by itself.

These screwing machines come in four basic models according to the powers and rotation speeds of the motors; according to the screwing requirements, we supply the AI.00 types for torques of 2 to 70 Ncm, AL.01 for 0.2 to 2 Nm, AI.02 for 0.4 to 4 Nm and AI.03 for 1 to 20 Nm, with rotation speeds adapted to the screw rate together with the materials of your parts for screwing.