Broche de vissage & pose automatique stationnaire BV 50

BV 50 automatic stationary screwdriving spindle and placer

TECNIMODERN AUTOMATION’s automatic screwdriving spindles combine the well-known reliability of screwing machines with automatic release and air supply shut off, and the current possibilities provided by electric motors, with the technology of TECNIMODERN AUTOMATION’s automatic distribution systems, controls and mouthpieces.

The screwdriving spindle mechanism comprises:

  • a feed unit, via a vibrating bowl into a soundproof housing;
  • a screwdriving spindle with its fitted mouthpiece;
  • option of a column with a spindle holder and base, allowing it to be fixed to the station (perhaps option of base table);
  • controls via programmable automatic controls integrated within the automatic feed unit. On request, the control box can be supplied separately from the supply unit.

TECNIMODERN AUTOMATION further increases the possibilities provided by its automatic screwdriving spindles, on request, through the addition of torque sensors; these systems make it possible to read different screwings, for inspecting and if necessary recording these values with an automatic calculation of “arithmetic means” and “standard deviations”. (version with controlled brushless motor)