Visseuses électriques Electa

ELECTA electric screwing machines

All models are reversible and fitted with a 6.35 (1/4”) fast female hexagonal chuck.

“DP” models are activated by pressure, the others by lever.

Transformers are fitted with a regulation card ensuring a constant rotation speed of the screwing machines even when there is a network variation (180 / 260 Volts).

Transformers are supplied with the two connection leads (mains 1.50m – Secondary 2.50m).

Available with torque adjustment, protection ring, motor stop signal after torque is reached.

Transformers with information about torque reached are fitted with an electronic card, with diode and 5 pole plug.

The diode lights up when the torque is reached (motor stops rotating).

A connection through the plug allows this information to be sent to a dry contact.