Ensacheuse verticale haute-cadence TEC 55

TEC 55 High Cadence Vertical Bagging Machine

TEC 55 has been designed to meet the demand of large rates. Flexibility, ease of maintenance, ease of settings, synchronization with the power systems, flexibility, quiet operation have been our priorities in the design of this machine. It provides an output up to 80 bags / minute.

The most common options and accessories:

  • Attachment hole.
  • Pre cutout for easy opening.
  • Vibrate to standardize the products beforesealing the bag
  • Bags Identification System:
    • Marking transfer film
    • Labelling. Inkjet
    • Reception valve heavy products.
  • Pre-printed film for Cell.
  • Training by suction belts
  • Sync with:
    • multihead weigher
    • Dosing screw
    • Dosing cups
    • All other machines
  • Vacuum plate for Change of the film reel