Vertical bagging machine

Using vertical bagging machine : the best for any loose product

Ensacheuse verticale

Vertical bagging machine, the best to put in bag:

  • – Powders Bagging,
  • – Unbreakable products bagging,
  • – Food industry products bagging,
  • – Pharmaceutical products bagging,
  • – Special bagging for coins.

Depending of the model of the bagging machine, we can make  bags with 2 sealings, or bags with 3 sealings.

Our vertical bagging machines offers the possibility to get back sealing or side sealing, from a spool of flat film, center folded film or tube film.

The following stuff for our bags can be used:

  • – Polyethylene bag,
  • – Polypropylene bag,
  • – Bag made form Thermic sealing multi layer film,
  • – Biodegradable film made from starch, offering ecological bags.

The vertical bagging machine enables a high output. We can adjust it with a multihead weighing machine or counting systems.

Would you like to bag fragile products ? Please find out our range of horizontal Flow Pack bagging machines