Volumetric feeder

Dosing machines enable to dose powders and fine-grained products before bagging. The Volumetric feeder is the solution for products that tend to be compact with a level of dust and variable density.

The des doseurs proposés par Tecnimodern,dosing machines proposed by Tecnimodern, have characteristics that ensure the precision of the results. These machines are indeed equipped with a detector on the product and a motorized shaker. The settings of the volumetric feeder are easily accessible thanks to a touch screen that helps to make changes.

The solutions for industrial dosing proposed by Tecnimodern will fit your needs since the machines have several versions depending on your production requirements.

In the solutions of industrial dosing, we can integrate production datas such as recipe saving based on products, formats or acceleration values. Each product has its own particularity and requires a specific treatment when bagging.

Thanks to the sold machines, Tecnimodern provides effective and innovative responses. Do not hesitate to contact us should you need more information depending on the requirements of your production.