Weighing and bagging machine

Use of a bagging weighing machine

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A bagging weighing machine is the combination of a weigher :

with a bagging machine :

Bagging weighing machines enable to weigh a product and put it under plastic film or in a bag.

The aim is to dose precisely a product and divide it into equal portions.

Do you want to buy a bagging weighing machine?

In food industry, a bagging weighing machine enables to manage products at a high rate and very precisely.

What is the advantage of a bagging weighing machine?

The bagging weighing machine offers a clean presentation of the bag that can be directly put in a shelve.

Custom bagging weighing machine?

Tecnimodern has the skills to adapt its bagging weighing machines to the needs of your bagging line.

Custom bagging machines can be manufactured by our company according your technical specifications.

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