Ensemble de pesage double

Dual weighing set for washing powder type PSA/2

Products : washing powder,or other similar type of powder.

Dose : from 0,5 to 3 kg.

Cadence « can version » : from 0,5 to 1,5 kg, on average : 20 cans per minute (minimum filling diameter of 45 mm).

Cadence « bag or bucket version : 3 kg maximum : 12 sachets ou pots par minute.

Including :

1 Storage hopper, high, with pneumatic conveyor support frame (Capacity : 500 l)

1 double Automatic weigher type PSA/2, to weigh and fill the cans.

Each Composed of :

  • Sturdy frame in Epoxy painted steel.
  • Four height adjustable support feet.
  • A integrated control panel, with digital display.
  • 900 memorable product sheets.
  • Automatic and manual unloading system.
  • A weighing bucket.
  • Two vibrating chutes with variable vibration, and : a products transfer corridor, and a corridor for weighing accuracy. (removable rails)
  • A discharge valve.
Module de remplissage automatique

Cowling with connection set for aspiration, with:

Top above the hopper with two connectors 1/2″ for the hopper’s low and high level, DN300 connection for connecting the aspiration, DN80 air intake and a trapdoor of 200 mm. Aspiration connections at level of Sampling points grouped by flexible to a centralized connection. (no complete sealing covers that disrupt the weighing system)