Peseuse linéaire avec 1, 2 ou 3 godets

Linear weigher with one vibrating railcopie

These weigher is designed with 1,2 or 3 vibrating rails to weigh small products with good fluidity of flow such as small rivets, or tangle products such as springs, or in food version, powders or rice, lentils, coffee powder or grain, also sugary foods that stick to each other. The two cascade halls can disrupt clusters products and then distribute them to better prepare them for the weighing operation.

Available from 6000 €

Compact and efficient Weigher

This Linear weigher is fairly shorter in its class, it has a 40 liter hopper located above the breakdown lane.

this one is extended by an extra dosing row and a second row carries the products to the weighing bucket. The height of the whole depends on the conditioning station located after the weigher.