Broche de vissage et pose automatique Titane 400

Titan 400 automatic stationary screwdriving spindle and fitter

This new screwdriving spindle is an addition to our range of compact BV type screwdriving spindles. With a simple yet robust design, it represents a competitive alternative to our traditional systems. It can be fitted very easily with various motor types such as: pneumatic motors with automatic release and air supply shut off, electric motors, servomotors with torque and angle control, etc.

All our control options: torque, screwing positions, screw presence and others are available for this model.

Broche de vissage type Titane

The Titan 400 is supplied alone or with a TECNIMODERN AUTOMATION automatic screw or rivet supply unit.

The screwdriving spindle is equip with:

a feed unit, via vibrating bowl or oscillating rail, in soundproof housing;

the modular screwdriving spindle with its adapted mouthpiece, mounted on a carriage on a ball bearings slider;

option of a column with a spindle holder and base, making it possible to fix it to the station (base table if necessary);

programmable automatic controls integrated within the automatic feed unit. On request, the control box can be supplied separately.

TECNIMODERN AUTOMATION further increases the possibilities provided by its automatic screwdriving spindles, on request, through the addition of dynamic torque sensors; these make it possible to read different screwings, for torque/angle control, and the option of recording these values.