Doseur volumétrique à vis

Screw-type volumetric dosing filler

The series of screw feeders make it possible to measure to volume fine grades of powder-based products which can sometimes pose problems with regard to compaction, dust level and variable density.

LThe various problems associated with processing products are solved, firstly with regard to product supply, by a hermetic hopper, with a capacity of around 30 litres, fitted with a detector for checking the product level and a motorised agitator. The rotation speed of the screw of the endless screw, produced from a single block, is electronically controlled via a servomotor, making it possible to use ramp rates which stop the screw immediately thus ensuring optimum precision with regard to measurement. The absence of a brush and clutch brake, which is specific to this type of motor, significantly reduces maintenance and the very effective mechanical output, with high torques even at slow speed, make this a metering device which is particularly well-suited to processing difficult products.

Entering production data, engine ramp rate values and memorising different formulae according to products and formats are done from a control panel. For products of different densities, the screw-type volumetric dosing filler can be connected to a weight control check system which is shrinkage-fitted to return weights of packagings to acceptable tolerances according to variations in specific weight by the product during operation.